A beautiful Djeco craft kit for a rainy day

January 12, 2016

Djeco craft kit coloured sand

December is a month where we accumulate far too much.  Anya has her birthday and then a couple of weeks later it’s Christmas.  Apart from giving stuff to charity, I also don’t let Anya open all her presents at once.  Do you do the same or am I the only mean mama?  I seriously don’t think any kid can really appreciate 10-15 presents in one go or even 5.  So she is allowed to open the wrapping but not the gift itself. I keep them away and come a rainy day in January/February when it’s too cold or wet, she always has something to do.  Last week on one such day she opened this beautiful coloured sand Djeco craft kit and she was hooked for hours.

Djeco craft kit colored sand

I know Christmas is over but this is a great gift to have up your sleeve for any upcoming birthday parties. This Djeco coloured sand craft kit comes with 4 pictures and 9 mini tubs of coloured sand plus two tubes of glitter.   The pictures have numbered stickers which you peel off and then pour on the matching numbered sand.  You keep doing this till have you removed all the stickers and completed the picture. It’s very much like colouring by numbers except it’s with coloured sand and the end result is so vibrant and pretty. If you’re thinking about mess, you don’t have to worry.  The whole activity takes place in the box and the box even has a little hole in the corner so you can easily pour any excess coloured sand back in it’s tub. Clever!

If you don’t know Djeco, they are a fab French company that make creative, unusual and beautiful craft kits, toys and more for kids.  There are different versions of this coloured sand Djeco craft kit – there’s the fish one we got but also birds, animals and many more.  If you’re in the US, you can find the kit here and for UK readers, it’s available here.

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  • Honest Mum

    Love this, we’ve made something similar and the kids absolutely loved getting creative with sand. Love the captivating design, gorgeous x

    • ebabee likes

      Thanks – this is such a fun craft. And absolutely – it is the colours and design that I love most about this beautiful set. x

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