Valentines yogurt hearts

February 8, 2016

valentines frozen yogurt bites

I like to mix up the kind of sweet treats we eat with healthy ones as well as pure indulgent ones in the mix. My latest healthy sweet treat obsession is frozen yogurt bites.  Lately we’ve become obsessed with the stuff even though it’s winter!  With Valentines day coming up, I thought it would be fun to make heart shaped versions of our frozen yogurt bites.

These frozen yogurt hearts are easy to make and to add a bit of Valentines colour, I’ve sprinkled on some freeze dried raspberries keeping it all natural and healthy.  I’ve been serving these in different shapes at play dates too and they’ve gone down a treat.  Makes a nice change to serve a healthy dessert that doesn’t feel like a compromise.  And the shapes just make it more fun for kids.

healthy treats for kids

To make these heart shaped frozen yogurt bites I used:
Greek style yogurt (sweetened with honey)
Freeze dried raspberries
Heart cookie cutters

I started by putting the yogurt in the freezer for around 20-25 mins so that it wouldn’t be too runny.  It was a lot easier to contain in the cookie cutter like this.  Next I filled my heart shaped cookie cutters with the yogurt and sprinkled on the freeze dried raspberries and put them back in the freezer.

A couple of hours later these yogurt hearts had set and were ready to eat – I found it helped to gently push the hearts out of the cookie cutters before the yoghurt had completely frozen so around 30 minutes after putting in the freezer.  They are best eaten quickly as they melt fast (and therefore photographing them was not easy!)

frozen yogurt bites

These frozen yogurt hearts can be topped with just about anything you like – granola, chocolate buttons, fruit puree, sprinkles, edible glitter – the list is endless.  You can also do the same with flavoured yogurt so you have different coloured hearts.  It’s a fun and healthy Valentines treat that kids can make themselves.

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  • Honest Mum

    These are just so wonderful-we have lots of recipes for Valentine’s coming this week, hope you love them, how fun is styling everything in hearts, it’s my favourite thing. Love this post so much xx

    • ebabee likes

      Thanks lovely – I look forward to checking them out – I’m sure they’ll all be drool-worthy! These were a mare to photograph – nearly gave up as they melt in minutes! xx

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