Simple and striking wallpapers for kids rooms

April 25, 2016

wallpapers for kids rooms

One of the easiest ways to refresh a room is to add some wallpaper either as a feature wall or even wallpaper the entire room.  It’s usually not expensive to do and can change the look of a room in a few hours.   I’m a big fan of wallpaper for any room but especially for a kids room.  I usually prefer to stay away from anything too bright, colourful or themed as you want the wallpaper to grow with your kids.   One of the best ways to ensure this is to go for a playful yet subtle print in black and white or natural tones.  These kinds of wallpapers will stand the test of time often from babyhood to much, much older.  

When planning a kids room, I always recommend choosing stuff that will grow with your child.  I’ve previously written some tips on how to design a room your kids won’t outgrow but today I wanted to share some of the cutest black and white wallpapers for a kids room that will stand the test of time.  These wallpapers are all stylish, playful and fun and they can be combined with any colour decor.  They’re all just as perfect for a nursery as they are for a 7 or 8 year olds room and everyone in between.  Here they are:

kids room wallpaper bunny print

This bunny print wallpaper is so subtle yet so sweet.  It will work well in a boy or girls room or even a shared room.  You can create a feature wall like they’ve done in the room above but this wallpaper is subtle enough to use throughout the room.  And it’s made of non-woven paper which means that it can easily be wiped clean so will last ages.  The bunny design is by a super talented Australian artist who’s designs I just can’t get enough of.

best wallpaper for baby nursery

For something a bit bolder, this striking panda print wallpaper is such a cute option for a kids room.  Again it works for boy or girl and would work really well in a baby nursery too.  I love the combination of the bold black with the soft pastel shades like in the room above but with this wallpaper, no colour is off limits.  And once again its easy wipe clean and there’s also an equally cute koala version.

kids room wallpaper ideas

If you prefer something a bit more whimsical, this Oh Clouds wallpaper is the one for you.  A magical world of winged unicorns, masked characters, hot air balloons and more are all brought together in this subtle yet so captivating wallpaper.   Imaginative, playful and whimsical, this wallpaper would make a fabulous feature wall.

grid wallpaper kids room

To keep the look really simple and minimal, this stylish black and white grid wallpaper is the one to go for. It makes a beautiful backdrop for colourful posters and prints and this wallpaper is truly timeless and ageless.  I love the wallpaper pictured above but if like me, you like the idea of a not so perfect grid where the lines aren’t perfectly straight, this imperfect grid wallpaper might be the one for you.  

magnetic wallpaper kids room

Last, if you like a bit of drama, you can’t beat these magnetic animal wallpapers.  There are a range of animals to choose from and the best bit is that all the wallpapers are magnetic.  The animals aren’t babyish or cutesy so these magnetic wallpapers will also not be outgrown in a hurry.  While I love them for a kids room, these magnetic animal wallpapers also make quite a statement in hallways. 

*The beautiful styling in the first and fourth picture is by Live Loud Girl.

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