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"blakc and white nursery decor ideas"At the moment I can’t seem to get enough of Scandinavian style black & white interiors.  It’s such a clean and striking look for any room.  So I’ve put together some things I’m really loving for a Scandi inspired black & white baby nursery.  

1. Hand knit Paris garland…  2. Bear of few words A4 print…  3. Tree adorned crib bedding…  4. Black and birch high chair…  5.  Stripey cloud cushion…  6. Raindrop wall stickers…  7.  Jealous baby soft toy.

A vintage workspace…

August 27, 2013

"vintage kids desks"Next week is going to be a big week in this house as my daughter Anya starts school for the first time ever.  She’s very excited by the idea of going to ‘big’ school and I am also very excited for her.  But my excitement is tinged with a bit of apprehension as I feel she’s only 4 and how will she manage in big school.  Of course I know she will as they all do but still the first day is going to be a huge bitter sweet moment for me.  With all this talk about school I started thinking about school desks.  Anya probably doesn’t need a desk yet but I found some inspiring vintage kids workspaces on pinterest that I wanted to share.  I think having a vintage desk and chair adds a lot of charm and character and I’d definitely go for vintage over modern when I create a desk area for Anya.  If you’re looking to set up a little workspace for your kiddo then these spaces will hopefully inspire you.  My favourite is the first one but I also love the vintage desk that has been adorned with white polka dots.  

"gray nursery decor ideas"I love grey.  As I’m getting older I think I’m loving it more and more not only as a colour to wear but also as a colour to decorate with.  I’m especially loving it for a nursery because I find the colour quite calming.  And besides you can add hints of practically any other colour and it will work with grey.  So when I saw this delightful new Elephant crib by Oeuf NYC I thought it would be fun to put together a few things to go with it.  The Elephant crib is Oeuf’s latest offering and it really does resemble an elephant, don’t you think?  I love the playful design as well as the rounded edges and the whole modern vibe.  Here are my picks for a modern grey nursery:

1.  Plum & pink hearts garland…  2. Mary Poppins poster…  3. Grey sheep duvet set…  4. Knitted sheep soft toy…  5. Elephant crib…  6. Hanging pendant lights

"modern nursery bedding and cushions""cute rugs for kids rooms""modern nursery boutique uk"I’m loving this cute store that I just discovered.  The Modern Baby was started by Suzanne, a mama who had a vision of a store full of things that would grow with your child.  The Modern Baby has lots of colourful nursery and kids room decorations, bed linen, soft toys and so much more.  The product styles include modern, vintage and retro and the looks are all stylish and fun. It’s probably one of the best nursery ranges I’ve come across in a UK store.  I’m especially loving the way they’ve photographed their products which perfectly reflects the stores playful and stylish personality.  All the products featured are sold by The Modern Baby and the beautiful styling is thanks to talented design agency Supa Frank where you can see lots more photos to drool over.  While The Modern Baby is based in the UK they ship worldwide so go take a look… there’s lots to discover.


mama & baby…

June 6, 2013

"mini japanese space saving desks"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let both mama and baby get these matching mini Japanese space-saving desks.  How cute are they?  Want!

"vintage furniture for kids"My parents never kept any of my baby toys or clothes.  This never mattered to me until I had a child and now I really wish they had.  My father was in a job where he moved countries every 3 to 4 years so when the time came for us all to up and go, big clear outs were inevitable.  And besides I think my mother is a bit of a divester.  She’s never been one to hoard her possessions and loves getting rid of clutter.  But she did keep one adorable little vintage chair that was used by her and her sister when they were babies, then by my brother and me and now it’s Anya’s.  Anya loves being told stories about her mama using the chair.  That’s the wonderful thing about good vintage furniture and toys… they can be passed down from generation to generation and they gather so many wonderful memories along the way.

I love the thought of passing down furniture and toys but if you don’t have your own, the next best thing is finding a good vintage shop.  And today I wanted to share my latest find – Roger Bontemps.  It’s a new French vintage shop that looks super promising.  Their online doors aren’t even open yet but should be opening in the next week.  They will be selling vintage kids furniture, toys and more but they have also created their own small line of vintage inspired clothes, bed linen and accessories.  I couldn’t find too many pictures but I liked what I did see especially that rattan crib and the bed linen in it.  Can’t wait to see more…

A modern crib…

April 2, 2013

"walnut baby cot crib"Oeuf NYC is a firm favourite on this blog and I’ve been meaning to share their latest cot offering – The Rhea Crib.  I loved it when I saw it especially in the darker walnut colour.  It’s modern style, clean lines and dark splendour got me at first sight.

"sustainable wooden nursery furniture"While admiring the Rhea crib I also came across Oeuf’s new Spring/Summer 2013 campaign which shows lots of fun and colourful nurseries and kids rooms.  I’m completely loving their choice of wallpapers especially the black floral one which is so impactful.  And that neon dotted wall is another lovely touch.  I love finding and sharing cool kids rooms and Oeuf’s new catalogue is full of playful and pretty ideas.

"gold nursery decor ideas"I think I have a bit of an obsession with the colour gold.  I love wearing gold jewellery and having gold accents in my home.  It’s a colour that’s rich and warm and works best when used sparingly.  I particularly love that there are so many different tones and shades to gold so you can chose to bling it up or tone it down.  It’s not a colour you would immediately associate with a nursery or toddler’s room but I love the idea of adding gold accessories and accents in a kids space especially when paired with lots of white.  I went looking for some gold nursery decorations and here’s what I loved:

1. Black and gold cloud mobile…  2. Mexican inspired Concha chair…  3. Mr Mustache print…  4. Straw storage baskets with gold sequins…  5. Toadstool night light from smallable.com…  6. Set of raindrop cushions…  7.  Organic stars duvet set.

"pink and grey kids room ideas"I’m always dreaming of re-decorating every room in the house.  Today I’m loving pink and grey for my daughters room.  Grey isn’t the most obvious choice for a kids room but with a dash of pink I think it works so well.  Personally, I’d even go for just grey with lots of white but today I wanted to add a bit of pink to the mix.  This kind of colour scheme and decor also really appeals to my minimalist side.  When i started putting this board together I knew I would like the end result but I didn’t realise quite how much this colour scheme would appeal to me.  Hope you like it too…

1.  Harlequin wallpaper… 2.  Knitted flag garland… 3.  Circus print… 4. 3D Olephants mobile… 5.  Soft pink lacquered chair… 6. Beauty baby doll… 7.  Sonny angel doll… 8.  Floral print beanbag…  9.  Starry cloud cushion

Playful designs…

November 19, 2012

"colourful nursery art"

I have always wanted to visit the London Design Festival but each year passes and I miss it for one reason or another.  I’ve now added it to my huge ‘to-do’ list.  Unfortunately nothing ever seems to get crossed off this list and instead it just grows bigger and bigger.  But while I’m waiting for the 2013 festival I went and had a browse of their site and found Supafrank.  Nothing excites me more than discovering a new design studio that creates unusual things and that’s exactly what Supafrank is all about.

"colourful stools for kids rooms"

Supafrank work with various brands to create packaging, stationery and more.  But they’ve also created their own line called Creature Collective which I’m loving.  The furniture is still in prototype phase but the cute artworks are available now.  I love the bright colours and the element of fun they’ve injected in to all their designs.  There’s a bit of quirk mixed with lots of playful style to create products that would be fun for any age.  The artworks are more for kids and would add some humour and brightness to any room.  In addition to this project, Supafrank have also worked on some really fabulous collaboration projects like the Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh ones which you can also see on their site.

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