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Three little pigs

November 11, 2014

"three little pigs soft toy"

Something very cute for you today.  Soft toys have become quite an obsession in this house of late.  Anya cannot go to bed without at least five to accompany her.  There’s often hardly any space left on the bed for her!  And each week her bed companions change so that ‘nobody feels left out’!  I like the reasoning of a five year old mind.

"maileg pig in a tin can"

With her birthday and Christmas being very close to each other, it always means I have to plan for more than one set of gifts to give her (if you can help it, never have a December baby).  Right now I’m thinking birthday gift and I’m loving these pigs softies.  From one of my favourite kids toy and decor shops, their collection of pig soft toys is second to none.  From baby bacon in a box to that pig in a tin.  How cute!  And while I maybe thinking birthday gift, that red pig is such a great Christmas present too.  My favourite though is the three little baby bacon in a box. They look good enough to eat (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

"ballerina mouse soft toy"

"mini play house set"

"mouse house sets"I recently discovered these mouse house sets and I couldn’t resist sharing.  How sweet are they?  The minute I laid eyes on them it brought a big smile to my face.  What an absolutely adorable idea.  I love the little details like the tiny vogue magazine, the storage basket, the knitting needles and that teeny cloud pillow.   I thought it would be fun to imagine what kind of mouse would live in each house so I paired them up with cute little mice from Maileg’s delightful range.  The mouse house sets are entirely handmade by Alessandra Taccia who has a lovely shop called Knots.  Alessandra doesn’t make many things but what she does make is so creative and imaginative.  I hope these mouse house sets bring a big smile to your face, just like they did to mine. Happy, smiley weekend to you all!

Ballerina bunnies…

March 13, 2013

"maileg bunny soft toy"Whenever we go on holiday my daughter Anya is allowed to take one soft toy along with her.  She almost always chooses her Maileg matchbox mouse and takes great pleasure in carefully packing him in to her suitcase.  Even when we’re at home, she lovingly tucks this mouse in to his matchbox bed each night and after we give her a goodnight kiss, we are expected to do the same for the mouse!  It’s really quite sweet seeing how fond she is of this little creature that i couldn’t resist buying for her a couple of years ago. 

"maileg bunny soft toy"Yesterday I saw the new collection of bunnies by Maileg and it was love once again.  I have been wanting to buy Anya a doll that she can dress and change clothes on and I think one of these bunnies may be just the thing.  Not only are they adorable with their elongated bodies and long floppy ears but they also come with the sweetest little outfits.  There are a range of outfits to choose from but I’m loving the bunnies with their little tutu’s and leg warmers… just too cute for words!  The Maileg bunnies come in a range of sizes from micro to mega and you can even get furniture for them.  If you’re in the UK then you’ll find lots of these bunnies and their clothes at Sisters Guild.

"maileg matchbox mouse""maileg mouse house"

I steer clear of anything remotely rodent related; mice, rats, the lot… they really creep me out!  But today I came across a mouse that I loved.  It’s the Maileg mouse, made by an imaginative Danish company.  This Maileg mouse comes with a mouse house that has a roof designed to look like cheese, a matchbox bed complete with mattress, pillow and knitted blanket.  For daytime fun the mouse (you can choose boy or girl) has a cotton reel table with tablecloth, chair, teapot and tea cup.  And the doorway even has a little bell and crocheted doormat.  It’s these tiny details that really appealed as they’re great for encouraging imaginative play.

If you don’t want the whole mouse with the house then they also have some lovely Maileg matchbox mice.  The mice come with a matchbox containing mattress, pillow and blanket.  Or you can even buy the little mice by themselves… so cute! Prices start from £7.75 and White Shore has a big selection. 

If these mice have appealed to you, then check out these whimsical mice mobiles for babies… they’re cute and unique!

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