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Sharing a room is fun when you’re a kid.  Sometimes though it’s not just about the fun but a necessity if you’re short on space.  While same sex shared rooms may seem easier to decorate, boy and girl shared rooms can also work really well with a little imagination and thought.  From creating a neutral space to having specific sides decorated differently I’ve rounded up 5 of the most beautiful unisex shared rooms to inspire you:

"unisex shared bedroom ideas"

Using lots of white in the room means you can add pops of colour with boy/girl specific accessories and toys just like they’ve done in the unisex shared room above.  With all the white in the room, no bright colour is off limits.

"unisex kids bedroom ideas"

Here the boys side is decorated in blue while the girls side is decorated in creamy florals.  The similar prints and complimentary colours bring the room together even though each kid has their own side.

"boy and girl shared bedroom ideas"

Grey is one of my favourite colours for any kids room including a shared bedroom.  I love the different beds and how they’ve used wall stickers to personalise each space.  This room is a unisex space but with the addition of accessories, toys and wall decorations it becomes more girly on one side and more masculine on the other.

"ideas for shared kids rooms"

An all white, minimal space is yet another way of creating a shared boy girl bedroom.  In this room, there is nothing too specific about each side except for a few soft toys on each bed.  The decor is simple and neutral to suit both sexes.

"decorating a room for a boy and girl sharing"

From all white and minimal, this is a room exploding with colour.  Bold, bright unisex colours thrown together create a great shared space for boy and girl.  There are no boy or girl sides here, just a complete shared space that works equally for either sex.

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Going green…

May 8, 2014

"green kids rooms decor ideas"Lately I’ve seen lots of green kids rooms popping up around the web especially rooms using a bright forest green colour.  Many of the rooms use a lot of green and that just doesn’t work for me.  This shade of green is quite an overpowering colour so using it in abundance is overwhelming and almost hurts your eye.  But use it with caution and the room can look amazing like these four rooms above. 

These rooms work because they have used lots of white to balance the bright green.  Also, while your eye is drawn to the bright green, all the rooms have used duller, more muted shades of green and used other colours too.  My favourite is the first room which uses lots of black and white which I really like with the green.  But all four are pretty cool.  I especially like this colour for a boys room as it makes a nice change from blue but it’s also a great colour choice for brother-sister shared rooms.  What do you think? Would you go for a green room?

Image credits: 1.  2.  3.  4.

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