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bunny kids winter coat - ebabee

Isn’t this just the cutest kids Winter coat that you ever saw?  Soft and warm, Anya adores wearing it – which kid wouldn’t?  Those stunning long bunny ears are so much fun.  This coat is a conversation starter so much so that when I have to get somewhere in a hurry, I can’t let Anya wear it because people stop us in the street, in shops, in restaurants to admire the coat and to find out everything about it.  They especially love to feel the ears and I’ve even had adults asking if they can get in their size – which they can! 

cute girls winter coat - ebabeebunny coat for girls ebabeeanimal themed winter coat kids - ebabee

This beautiful bunny coat is made by Molly, who is a mum that makes a whole range of stunning animal themed coats including a fox, lion and dinosaur coat.  When Molly generously offered to send Anya a coat, for me it had to be the bunny one – those ears!  I also fell for the soft champagne colour which perfectly compliments the pink cuffs and ears.  There is a equally beautiful boy version of this coat where the ears and the cuffs are a pale blue instead of pink.  Not only does this coat look so darn cute but it’s very warm so it has been the perfect Winter coat for Anya.  But for when it gets warmer, Molly offers a lighter linen version of the same coat.  Molly’s shop is called Little Goodall and it’s definitely worth a visit for some serious cuteness!

{Anya’s outfit: Luxe bunny coat, fur lined orange boots and knit skirt with attached leggings}

{all photos by ebabee}

I want that coat…

February 5, 2014

"flared Winter coat for girls"

This is possibly the most stylish kids coat I’ve come across, ever.  The colour, the cut, the tie detail… everything is so effortlessly chic.  Wearing it with skinny jeans and knee high boots completes the look beautifully.  Wow, just wow!

"animal coats for kids"Today I want to introduce you to my newest sponsor Little Goodall.  Little Goodall was started by a stay at home mama who found her 2 year old son refusing to wear the hood on his coat.  I totally get this problem because it’s one I still face with my daughter Anya.  It takes inventive trickery, bribery and a lot of persuasion to get her to put on her hood and even then the hood only stays on for minutes.  I get frustrated and give up but Molly didn’t.  Being a designer and an artist Molly decided to get creative and made a lion coat for her son.  Not only did he love wearing his hood (which kid wouldn’t) but she also got a lot of interest from others and Little Goodall was born.

"kids animal winter coats"Molly has since expanded her range to include a variety of animal coats including a fox coat, a dinosaur coat and a koala coat.  It’s the details in each coat that really make them super sweet and most of all great fun for kids to wear.  I love the bushy tail on the fox coat, the prickles on the dinosaur coat and the little claw detail on many of them but of all the coats my absolute favourite is the bunny one.  The design is probably the simplest but it’s the colours and those long floppy ears that make this coat adorable.  Animal clothing isn’t normally my thing but these are not your average animal clothes as they are sweet, fun and not cutesy in any way.  And besides I can’t imagine any kid turning down a chance to wear one of these.  If my daughter had one, I know she would never want to take hers off!  Visit Little Goodall to see more.

"Zara kids coat autumn winter 2011"

About 3 weeks ago I was in Zara Kids checking out their new Autumn Winter 2011 collection.  Whenever I go I have to be quick as my 2 year old has taken a shine to playing hide n’ seek in between the clothes and under the display rails and tables.  I can almost see the day where I will be on my hands and knee’s picking up mountains of clothes that she’s tipped over.  On this day I was about to leave when I saw my kiddo hiding in a swathe of orange.  The colour caught my eye and I went to check it out.  I’m glad I did as I found this stunning winter coat.  Even though it was still August and officially summer, I had to buy it; I couldn’t possibly have taken the chance of it selling out.

I have been meaning to share this find with you for days.  But I wanted to photograph my daughter wearing it.  This is no easy task, I tell you.  She’s 2, going on 3 and is a very fast moving target.  I did manage to get some photos yesterday… please be kind, photography isn’t one of my skills!  Back to this orange winter coat.  I love the details on it; the fur lined hood, the suede clasps and the camel coloured trimmings on the pockets and cuffs.  It fits beautifully, it looks gorgeous and the orange is such a refreshing change from greys and browns.  This coat is part of Zara’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection and costs £32.99, not a bad price for a winter coat.  Head to Zara Kids to have a look and as you probably know Zara sell online too.

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