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"cashmere cardigan child"

One of the biggest joys of our new home is that we have our very own garden.  We’ve wanted one for ages but have never found the right home with the right garden and now we have.  Yay!  So even thought it’s cold and the garden is overgrown we still get out there for short bursts.  Normally when Anya goes out there I make her wear a coat which she finds a bit restrictive for her outdoor adventures.  But recently she was sent this gorgeously soft cashmere cardigan which is oh so warm.  So this Sunday I let Anya wear that with a couple of tee’s under and play outside for a bit and she didn’t once complain of being cold.

"cashmere clothes for babies and kids"

I love the stylish touches on this grey cashmere cardi like the mother of pearl buttons that go down the side rather than the middle.  This cardigan is great for dressing up or down too.  Anya’s worn it before with a long dusty pink tutu to a birthday party but this Sunday we were having a relaxed day and a late brunch with some friends so we dressed it down with skinny jeans and some cool orange boots.  The cardigan is made by the French Oscar et Valentine who also make some beautiful baby clothes as well as classic cashmere pieces for boys.  Many of their styles are timeless and classic and come in an understated and very French colour palette.  For something a little edgier, try one of their slogan cashmere jumpers with words like ‘milk’ or ‘rock’ on them – they’re pretty cool too.

"grey cashmere cardigan child"

Anya spent her time outdoors looking for caterpillars and when she couldn’t find any she pretended they were there anyway and started to collect little leaves to feed them.  If you’ve already got a garden (or back yard as my readers across the pond call it) then you know what a magical place it is for a kid.  And to be able to spend even a little time outside in Winter is a real treat.  As long as the weather’s not crazy cold, I think Anya will be donning her very warm cashmere cardi and heading out there every weekend!

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"hand knitted baby clothes to buy UK""hand knitted childrens clothes""buy knitted baby clothes uk""hand knitted baby clothes uk""knitted kids clothes uk"

I’ve always been a huge fan of hand knitted baby and kids clothes and these ones are my latest obsession.  Not trying to be fashionable or trendy, these are charming clothes made by hand and made to last through generations.  I’m lucky enough to have a mum-in-law who knits for Anya so I have bags full of baby knits that I’m saving for the next generation.  But if I didn’t, I know I would invest in some timeless classic pieces like these, that will never go out of style.  These knitted baby and kids clothes by Hambro & Miller currently go from 0 to 4 years but will soon go up to eight years and there’s even a homewares range coming soon.  All British made with love, the collection is quite special, don’t you think?

"hand knitted baby clothes wool"

Oh my god, how unbelievably cute is this collection?  I nearly died when I saw this in my inbox a couple of days ago.  Even though it’s Summer and the sun is shining, I just had to share.  This Autumn Winter 2014 collection of baby knits is all made from 100% soft and cosy merino wool and each piece is hand-knitted in Peru.

"hand knitted merino baby clothes"

Have you died yet?!  Can you bear all this crazy cuteness?

"hand knitted baby merino wool clothes"

All the colours in the collection are gorgeous but I’m especially loving the pale grey-blue.  And those bauble vest tops are beyond adorable as are the all in ones.  I am deeply in love with the knits but also with these pudgy, squishy little babies that make the most adorable little models, don’t you think?  This hand knitted collection of baby clothes is special and made with lots of love and care by a mama who knows exactly how to make us all feel broody!

"baby alpaca clothes for toddlers""baby alpaca wool baby clothes""baby alpaca wool sweater"

Such a beautiful collection of baby alpaca wool knits by Ingugu.  All made by hand in soft, natural colours and simple styles.  Clothes that give snuggly warmth, softness, comfort and style always get my vote.  And right now Ingugu is having a sale with 30% off everything.


Granny knits…

December 2, 2013

"handknitted baby and kids clothes"If your child is lucky enough to have a granny who knits for them, then you’ll know where I’m coming from when I say that granny knits are just the best.  We’re one of the lucky ones as my mum-in-law knits some of the most beautiful sweaters for my daughter.  But if you don’t have a granny knitter in the family,  Mamy Factory is for you.  All the chic clothes are hand-knitted by French grannies with love.  The styles are simple and the colours are beautiful with lots of creams, charcoals and dusty pinks on offer.  Mamy Factory knit clothes for babies and kids up to 6 years so if you’re in to hand-knits, do check them out.

Comfy, cosy & chunky…

November 4, 2013

"chunky knit sweaters for kids"With the weather turning colder I’m turning to one of my favourite daytime looks of chunky knits, skinny jeans and boots.  This season I’m loving Cos for their over-sized knits for me but when it comes to kids, it gets a lot tougher to find chunky jumpers.  The chunky look works well on kids too and besides, it keeps them so warm and cosy.  So I was delighted to find babaa who make these comfy, cosy and snug looking sweaters in lots of bright colours.  The styles are all over-sized for comfort and to allow room for growth and they’re all pretty much unisex so they can be handed down from sibling to sibling.  From Spain, babaa are also soon introducing a line of women’s knits… perfect timing for those cold months ahead of us. 

"random kids style collage 1"I’ve been collecting a selection of stylish things, ideas and thoughts I’ve liked for a while and today I thought I would share some of them with you.  Hope you like them too!

1.  simple kids room styling…  2. chunky knits on kids…  3.  bright pink and red together…  4.  apostrophe magnets for your fridge… 5. always remember to love yourself…  6. a mini cloud for your daughters wrist.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cosy and so cute…

September 13, 2013

"hand knit baby clothes"I can’t believe that I haven’t shared this adorable brand with you before!  I love Misha & Puff not just for their beautiful hand knitted baby clothes but also for the cute overload.  Those little babies look so cosy and pretty in these knits.  That pointy pale yellow hat is just the cutest!  And the colour palette is very striking too.  Misha & Puffs hand knits go from 0 to 24 months so I’ve missed the boat on this one but I still can’t help drooling over the clothes and wishing I had baby to put them in!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hats & hoodies…

August 28, 2013

"oeuf nyc hats and animal hoodies"I have yet to meet a kid who is crazy about wearing a hat but these new ones by Oeuf NYC may be just the ticket.  Part of their Autumn Winter 2013 collection, these hats and hoddies are so fun.   Many are animal inspired but there are also other quirky ones like the yoda hat which is definitely a favourite of mine.  All the hats and hoodies are great for adding a little bit of joy to everyday winter wear and I’m sure any kid will agree. "fancy dress hats kids"Oeuf NYC have a knack for creating playful yet wearable pieces that have just the right amount of cuteness.  There’s lots to love about Oeuf’s new Autumn Winter 2013 collection but for me, it’s the hats and hoodies that steal the show this season.

"chunky knits for girls"Finally, finally we have a hint of summer here in London.  The sun is shining and we are wearing short sleeves and sunglasses.  While I am celebrating the desperately awaited arrival of the sun,  there is one Autumn/Winter collection I can’t resist sharing with you right now.  I know chunky knits and woolies are the furthest things from our minds but once you’ve seen this collection you’ll wish winter was back!

Paade Mode is a newish Latvian brand that makes clothes for boys and girls aged 0-8 years.  I’ve pictured a selection from the girls range but there are equally cool knits and more for the boys too.  In the girls collection I love the deep emerald greens and ruby reds that perfectly compliment the more neutral tones.  And the chunky knits paired with sheer, delicate skirts looks so cool.  The leggings in the collection too deserve a mention.  The Autumn/Winter collection like all the other collections, is designed to be dressed up or down so the clothes can be worn for an occasion or as everyday wear.  I visited Paade Mode’s site a few days ago because I wanted to order this dress for my daughter from the current collection.  But now that I’ve seen this newest collection, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop at just one dress!  This collection isn’t available yet but should be towards the end of the Summer.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

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