Dobble: A quick, fun and addictive card game

February 11, 2016


Do you know dobble, the round card game?  Anya was recently gifted this game and we love it for so many reasons.  Dobble is a simple card game where you have to find the matching symbol between one card and another. Each card has only one symbol on it that matches every other card in the deck.  It sounds pretty easy but dobble is harder than it looks.  It’s all about being observant and quick!  You can happily play with just two players but the more players you have the harder it gets to win.

dobble family card game

We have played this game so many times since we got it a few weeks ago.  What I love about it is that it comes in a handy little tin which is easy to carry around in your handbag.  It’s the perfect card game to take along on road trips or plane journeys as it’s so portable and you can play several times without getting bored.  Also each game lasts no more than a few minutes so it’s easy to squeeze in a game or two even when you are very short of time. We love a good board game here but many of them take so long to play that we only manage to play on weekends.  With dobble, you really can play anytime, anywhere.

The dobble card game suggests it’s ideal for 6+ but I think kids a little younger can play too – they may be a bit slower to start with but they’ll soon get it.  Dobble is called Spot It in America but it’s exactly the same game.  My UK readers can find the game here and my US readers can get it here

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