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a clever clothes storage idea

My friend and fellow blogger Cristina from across the pond shared a very clever clothes storage idea.  I thought the idea was so great that I had to share it here.  It’s such a simple idea but then simple ideas are always the best!  The idea – store your clothes horizontally instead of stacking them vertically (on top of each other).

Just the other week I did this with Anya’s sweaters and it’s not only helped us find things quicker but there is no after-mess to tidy up.  When her sweaters were vertically stacked on top of each other I had to get the whole pile out and by the time I pulled out the one I wanted, the whole pile collapsed – you know how it is. And when Anya tried to get one out, well that meant chaos!  Now that I’ve rolled them all up and lined them up – I pull out the one I want and the rest stay undisturbed. It’s also so much easier to see what you want.  And the best part is that even when Anya pulls them out herself, there is no mess. With the lighter clothes like t-shirts, I don’t roll but fold and do the same – again so easy to see what’s what and pull out what you need.

Next, I’m going to be re-organising my wardrobe this way.  What do you think of this clever clothes storage idea? Great, right?  Got any other great tips to be more organised with your or your kids wardrobes?

DIY washi tape calendar

This is one idea I really wish I had thought of.  Especially in the last couple of months as we have been so unsettled.  We moved in to our new place in December but we always knew we were there temporarily till the builders arrived and then we would have to move out again which is what we have done recently.  Because I didn’t have a permanent space for anything, I stuck lots of pieces of paper and notes on the wall to serve as reminders.  But I wish I had created a simple DIY washi tape calendar like this one.

This DIY washi tape calendar is large (you could go even larger) so I love that the whole families appointments, dates, events can be put on the same calendar.  I would give each member of the family a different colour stickie so that there’s no confusion.  And then everything is visible in one quick glance.  Even if you’re not moving around like me, this is still such a great way to keep a track of the months events.  It looks good and would work great on a kitchen wall or in any shared family room.  Or even in a kids room purely to keep track of their activities.  It’s also great for rented accommodation as washi tape leaves no marks.  And at the end of each month, you just remove all the stickies and put in new ones for the following month.  Simple, practical and so useful to keep track of everything in one place.  When we move back to our home permanently I’m definitely making one of these.

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