Black & white Easter egg bunnies

March 22, 2016

Easter egg bunny craft ideas

I can’t remember doing many crafts as a kid but the one craft I remember doing each year was painting and decorating Easter eggs.  After we made our eggs, no matter how hideous they were, my mother would treasure them and almost treat them like they were priceless faberge eggs.  Only a mother could do that!  I haven’t painted an egg in years so this year I remembered in time and decided to make these cute black and white Easter egg bunnies.

Easter egg bunnies

These Easter egg bunnies have extra long see-through ears and are really easy to make.  At the moment, I can’t seem to get enough of the whole monochrome vibe so that’s what I’ve gone for with these bunnies too.  These Easter egg bunnies would also make cute and chic little decorations for an Easter themed table. Here’s what I did.

Easter egg craft ideas

Easy easter egg crafts

What you need to make these Easter egg bunnies:
Eggs (hard boiled or hollowed out)
black & off white acrylic paint + paintbrushes
black washi tape
clear cello-tape
black waxed cotton cords (the type used in necklace making)
fine black marker pen

Start by painting your eggs with your white acrylic paint.  The white eggs will need around three coats to cover them completely so you can’t see any of the natural colour of the eggs whereas the black eggs need only one coat.

Leave the eggs to dry and while they’re drying you can make the bunny ears.  Black waxed cotton cords are perfect to make these large ear silhouettes as they are stiff enough to hold their shape well.  Cut about a 6½ – 7 inch length of cord for each ear and then fold over the cord.  Tape the ends together with black washi tape.

how to make easter egg bunnies

I couldn’t decide whether I liked the eggs better with faces or without.  So I decided to keep the black ones very minimal and faceless and drew sleepy faces on the white ones with a fine black marker pen.  Next, just stick on your ears at the back, using clear cello-tape for the white eggs and black washi tape for the black ones.

black easter eggs

Easter egg bunny crafts

Easter egg bunny ideas

Your simple monochrome Easter egg bunnies are ready and would make a fun centrepiece for your Easter meal or just cute little decorations dotted around the house. Which one do you like better – the black or white?

P.S. If you’re looking for some more Easter crafts, here is a free printable bunny card and here is a round-up of 7 cute Easter bunny crafts to try out.

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